Corporate Info


Western GeoPower Corp. (WGP) is a renewable energy company dedicated to the development of geothermal energy projects for the delivery of clean, sustainable baseload electricity generation. The Company holds 100% interests in the Unit 15 Steam Field located in The Geyser Geothermal Field in California, United States and in the South Meager Geothermal Project in British Columbia, Canada.

The Company’s California geothermal leases are administered through wholly-owned subsidiary Western GeoPower, Inc., incorporated in California. The British Columbia leases are administered through wholly-owned subsidiary Meager Creek Development Corp., incorporated in B.C.

Since late 2003, the Company has raised Cdn. $57 million toward proving the commercial viability of its projects through extensive technical programs involving drilling programs, geochemical assessments, environmental and socio-economic studies, and consultations with government agencies and community stakeholders.

The company has completed a feasibility report supporting a 35 MW (net) plant at the Unit 15 Steam Field. Upon receipt of governmental approvals and project finance, the Company intends to raise the capital required to place The Geysers project into commercial production by 2010.

Upon successful completion of the technical programs and feasibility studies and receipt of governmental approvals, the Company anticipates commencement of commercial operation of the South Meager project in 2012.