Geothermal Power Markets


British Columbia , historically self-reliant in electricity production, has been a net importer of electricity since 2001 with imports representing 6,896 GWh in 2005 (13.5% of load). BC requires 1,200 megawatts (MW) of new capacity by 2010, increasing to more than 4,000 MW by 2023 to meet demand.

In November 2002, the British Columbia government issued an Energy Plan (Energy For Our Future: A Plan for BC) which directed BC Hydro, the Crown corporation responsible for 80% of the power generation in the province, to increase its purchases of electricity from independent power producers (IPPs). The government and BC Hydro also set an objective of 50% of that electricity to come from “green” energy sources.

On July 27, 2006, BC Hydro awarded 38 contracts to IPPs across BC. The contracts included 29 hydro, three wind, two biomass, two waste heat and two coal/biomass projects totaling approximately 7,000 GWh of energy per year. BC Hydro currently is engaged in consultations with IPPs with respect to the design of a 2007 Call For Tenders for a similar amount of power.